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'Jackson' from Bee and Flower's forthcoming album Suspension

'Jackson' was initially a quiet little ditty, written on my 1940's acoustic Spanish guitar, combined with melody played on a 6 euro thrift store Casio and a simple vocal humming the melody line. 

Once I got to Berlin and met with Rod, Joni, Thomas, and Sibylle to go through a batch of new songs, we ditched my original guitar part and Joni wrote that fierce, strangled line that totally transformed the whole song. The Casio became the cello line and Thomas added that primal, sexy beat, and Rod’s organ line finished the job (so to speak). 

Up to that point, the lyrics were in progress, but the way the song shaped up focused it into a fitting tale of seduction, temptation and waiting. Nice girls don’t finish first. - Dana Schechter

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