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Dana times two: Another still from the video shoot for ‘Waiting Room' from the upcoming album Suspension

Bee and Flower at Candy Bomber Studio in Berlin during the recording of Suspension (From top: Lynn Wright; Dana Schechter and Ingo Krauss; Roderick Miller)

Day 1 of Bee and Flower’s ‘Blog Takeover Week’ at The Vinyl District: Dana writes about misinterpreting album covers as a kid, ‘playing with the zipper on Sticky Fingers,’ and much more (Click image to read)

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Bee and Flower in Berlin, promo shot for Suspension (Click image to hear songs)

A stop-animation video for the song ‘Green Glasses’ by Dana Schechter of Bee and Flower

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Martin Wenk (Calexico) and Danny Tunick (Barbez) during the recording of Bee and Flower’s forthcoming album Suspension (Click image for more info)

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Bee and Flower 7-inch giveaway contest starts this Wednesday at The Vinyl District!

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Dana at Martin Bisi's studio in Brooklyn during the recording of Suspension

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'Bee and Flower is an intense New York quintet that plays darkly beautiful songs. Tasteful exotic touches such as the lap steel, viola, and xylophone push the band further into rich harmonic territory and away from conventional rock aesthetics.' – Dan Kaufman, The New Yorker

Bee and Flower’s second album, Last Sight of Land (Click image for more info)

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