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Excellent review of Bee and Flower’s upcoming album, Suspension:

The word “suspension” is defined as a hiatus or cessation; as the shock-absorbing guts of a vehicle; or as several prolonged tones bleeding into one another. Each of these meanings seems entirely appropriate for Bee and Flower’s third album, their first after four years away from the limelight.

From a musical perspective, bassist-singer-bandleader Dana Schechter warmly embraces contrasts and smoothes them to the point where sonorous comfort becomes barely distinguishable from lurking unease. Her sensuous voice and dusky melodies convert deep yearning into cool elegance, while a stiff-backed rhythm section and recently returned cofounder Lynn Wright’s cantankerous guitar flirt with disquiet. The embellishments of original violinist Jon Petrow, also since reunited with the group, add equal parts melancholy and luster.

Unapologetic beauty softens deceptively knotty song structures that refuse to detract from the pleasures of luxuriant arrangements, blushing pop, and smoky atmospheres. The single “Jackson,” with its wistful chorus and affable yet never simple hooks, epitomizes this mélange of the sublime, the sinister, and the sexy.

Bee and Flower’s continental makeup—a foot in New York, a second in Berlin, roots stretching from San Francisco to the American South—guarantees a certain piquant schizophrenia, but you’ll only notice it if you go searching for it. A far wiser idea is to relax, pour yourself something strong, and get lost in the gracefully ecstatic throes of Suspension.

Jordan N. Mamone, New York City, February 15, 2011

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The Angels of Light - My True Body

Dana (Bee and Flower) plays bass on this song/album

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Bee and Flower in Leipzig, Germany (photo by Klaus Nauber)

Dana playing with Botanica at 4AD Club in Diksmuide, Belgium

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Bee and Flower review at Lost In Your Inbox: ‘What a lovely discovery this band is. Lead singer Dana Schechter has a wonderfully smokey voice, and the music is an atmospheric mix of lush reverb and delicate guitars, with a touch of a retro-organ and some very cool…’ (To read more, click here)

Bee and Flower’s final post for ‘Blog Takeover Week’ at The Vinyl District: Dana writes, ‘The making of Suspension started with a handful of simple demos I’d made at home. I’d just moved back to NYC after 4 years of living in Berlin. I’d had it good there—the band, friends, free time, insanely cheap rent—but despite all this I was…’ (To read more, click here)

Bee and Flower’s cover of ‘The Bridge’ for the Scott Walker 30 Century Man feature film soundtrack (To listen, click here)

Bee and Flower (and broken bikes) in Copenhagen

Day 4 of Bee and Flower’s ‘Blog Takeover Week’ at The Vinyl District: B&F drummer Thomas Fietz writes, ‘I grew up in East Berlin in the 80′s, and for the first nine years of my life, the Berlin Wall was still standing. When my family was still in the East, we mostly had access to German “Schlager” (pop) records, which is what everybody listened to. Western records were hard to get; there were a few exceptions, like …’ (Click image to read more)

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Cover of Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home by The Angels of Light, Dana’s former band with Michael Gira of Swans (Click image for more info)

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