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Free Show ! Thurs 4/14/11 @ Zebulon,  Brooklyn

Bee and Flower’s video for ‘Waiting Room’ coming soon! Check out more stills from the shoot here.

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Bee and Flower featured on XMusic.FM—1400 plays and counting! Check it out here and grab some free music downloads.

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Bee and Flower in NYC @ Angel Orensanz. Photo: Greg C Photography

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Dana at Heinz Minki, Berlin (photo by Andrea Froehner)

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Bee and Flower at Zebulon in Brooklyn, Thursday, April 14th, 8pm, free. With Sugarlife, Center Divider, Pure Horsehair, Elisa Flynn

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Bee and Flower
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New Bee and Flower song ‘It’s the Rain’

My Berlin flat sits on a quiet side street. It has a small balcony and I liked to sit out on summer evenings and pretend I was a bird, just watching, up near the tall trees that lined the old street, so close I could almost touch them. On a rare warm night I’d soak in the sweet air, or as the weather turned, I’d watch the storm as it came into town. The trees whipped in the wind, distorting and heaving, and one time I watched the biggest of trees take the shape of a dripping, seething dragon.

'It's the Rain' is truth filtered through moments of stillness and imagination. I heard something stirring, but never cared to know what it really was. Sound can play many tricks on the ears, just like light can on the eyes. It was, in the end, just the rain, but that won't stop me from letting my mind imagine otherwise. - Dana

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Dana in a bottle (from the ‘Waiting Room' shoot)

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a drawing for my art exhibit in the Czech Republic last fall. aptly named Squiggles III ( Dana)

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Preview video for Suspension featuring a clip of ‘You’re Not The Sun’

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