Bee and Flower

NYC gig August 18

BEE AND FLOWER + Ulrich Ziegler (memb. of Big Lazy) + Barbez

plus: the birthday bash for Dana (Bee and Flower) and Stephen (Ulrich Ziegler)!

more info coming soon.

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French Review, SLR Magazine

SLR magazine

"…If the writing talent of the beautiful is final…(the) voice is also a miracle, and perfectly suited to this polished pop and haunting, almost cabaret, a UFO in the current landscape. Speaking of charm here would be useless, I’m in love.” (translated from French)

Album Review, Rock-A-Rolla UK

"An album of sumptuous beauty"

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Lyric Book for SUSPENSION

OK here it is…free download HERE for the lyrics to Bee and Flower’s new album Suspension!

Bee and Flower @ HClub, Sumperk Czech. Photos by Pavel Strážay

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Bee and Flower @ Potrvá, Prague May 09 2012. photos by Honza Prusa

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