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Bee and Flower show preview from Time Out London:

When Dana Schechter was 12, she and her sister would go to heavy metal shows. Two small girls getting crushed down the front with the headbangers, they were, she emphasizes, ‘Music fans, never groupies.’ In 1982, they met the fledgling Metallica, and Schechter struck up a strong friendship with bassist Cliff Burton.

‘He encouraged me to take up the bass and told me he’d give me lessons…We watched them skyrocket, and then Cliff was killed in that tourbus accident. I was deeply affected by the loss. I decided I had to keep my promise to him.’

Now Schechter is not only a bassist but singer, songwriter and composer with her own band, Bee And Flower, who play their first UK date on Saturday and have just been confirmed to support American Music Club in 2008.

Asked whether her heavy metal schooling can still be glimpsed through the cinematic murk of her current outfit (bolstered on record by grand pianos, brass, choirs and a 25-piece string section), Schechter concedes that, ‘We’re definitely not a muscular band; we do not do power chords. But we do have moments of aggression and chaos, and we’re very dynamic live.’

On second album, ‘Last Sight Of Land’, which features Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wydler and Swans guitarist Kristof Hahn, Schechter’s velvet voice maintains its languid composure as planets fall and demons dance. A remarkably European-sounding record, it was recorded in Berlin, where the band sought refuge after 9/11.

‘The title track is about waking up one morning and going down to the water, sailing out onto the ocean and never coming back,’ says Schechter. ‘There’s a great loss in our music, because as humans our lives are always changing. But that isn’t always a bad thing; I don’t want to stay the same forever. My greatest hope is in the unknown.’ - Bella Todd

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Bee and Flower are doing a ‘Blog Takeover’ starting this Monday, Feb. 7th at The Vinyl District—one full week of posts by the band! Look for a free 7” giveaway and other goodies. Vinyl District’s blog is smart, funny, informative, and is a big supporter of the music community. Well worth a visit. Thanks Vinyl District!

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Live video of ‘All Souls Rising’ by Angels of Light, Dana Schechter’s former band with Michael Gira of Swans

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Bee and Flower at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in NYC, 2010

An interview with Bee and Flower frontwoman Dana Schechter at the blog Night Seminar (Click photo to read)

A still from the video shoot for ‘Waiting Room' from the upcoming album Suspension

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'Jackson' from Bee and Flower's forthcoming album Suspension

'Jackson' was initially a quiet little ditty, written on my 1940's acoustic Spanish guitar, combined with melody played on a 6 euro thrift store Casio and a simple vocal humming the melody line. 

Once I got to Berlin and met with Rod, Joni, Thomas, and Sibylle to go through a batch of new songs, we ditched my original guitar part and Joni wrote that fierce, strangled line that totally transformed the whole song. The Casio became the cello line and Thomas added that primal, sexy beat, and Rod’s organ line finished the job (so to speak). 

Up to that point, the lyrics were in progress, but the way the song shaped up focused it into a fitting tale of seduction, temptation and waiting. Nice girls don’t finish first. - Dana Schechter

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A clip of Bee and Flower performing ‘Twin Stars’ live at Schokoladen in Berlin

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PopMatters review of our first album, What’s Mine Is Yours: ‘Listening to What’s Mine Is Yours is like waking slowly from a nightmare—not the kind to scare you under your bed, but the really cool kind that intrigues, so that when you reach for the glass of water beside you, you wish soon to fall back into the mystery of your mind-created madness.’ (Click image for full review)

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