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July 2014, Colours of Ostrava Festival, Czech Republic

Just in! Bee and Flower are performing on July 19 2014 @ the Colours of Ostrava Festival, Czech Republic. Look for us on the Full Moon Magazine stage. Also look for a Berlin show same week…details to come.

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Bee and Flower singer Dana’s solo project INSECT ARK is heading off for tour in europe late August - late Sept.
Go check out the music!

Dusted Magazine, March 2013
A weighty drone vibe, incorporating a heaviness that tilts it more toward doom than meditation…beautifully drawn-out space filled with low-end waves crashing, gorgeous guitar textures, intriguing siren calls…After just 17 minutes, pressing play again comes naturally on (the Insect Ark EP) “Long Arms”.

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We’ve been away but we have got some good news - stay tuned for details!

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Brooklyn show 3/20 with full europe based band

It’s been over 3 years since we’ve had the full lineup of Bee and Flower, including our original band members based in Europe, to join us for a NYC show. Come on out!

Weds 3/20/13
Bee and Flower (NYC/Berlin)
Persian Rabbit (Lille France)
Rarefaction (NYC)
CC Carana (NYC

at Grand Victory
245 Grand St / Brooklyn, NY 11211

7pm doors / $8 / 21+

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fan video from Olomouc, Czech Rep., May 2012. thanks Veronika Zýková !

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"DUPE" from our show November 14 2012 @ Public Assembly Brooklyn NY

buy the song/album from our bandcamp site

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Next Wed Nov 14!
Bee and Flower fresh back from europe!
Sondra Sun-Odeon record release!
Solo set by CC Carana!
DJ with Christian Lee!

hell yes…

FB invite:

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Tour starts this week!

09.10 Lille France - Libertarian Cultural Center (CCL) w/ Berline0.33
10.10 Ghent Belgium - Kinky Star
11.10 Brussels Belgium - Madame Moustache w/ Jesus Is My Son
12.10 Offenbach Germany- Hafen 2 w/ Xfarflight
13.10 Hannover Germany- Cafe Glocksee
15.10 Karlsruhe Germany - Jubez - w/ Tides From Nebula
18.10 Berne Switzerland - Dachstock Rössli Bar w/ Alcoholic Faith Mission
24.10 Madrid Spain - La Faena - w/ Mochuelo + Pete Simonelli
25.10 Zaragoza Spain - La Lata de Bombillas - w/ Mochuelo + Pete Simonelli
27.10 Berlin - West Germany - w/ Nadja

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here’s the WFMU radio show in it’s entirety on Chris M’s Imaginary Radio show. 5 live songs plus interview, dishing it out about the coming tour, the days in Berlin, Dana’s metal roots, band history, our favorite swear words, and all kinds of nonsense.

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